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Introduction to Retro Ajaccio Jersey

The Retro Ajaccio Jersey is a football shirt synonymous with AC Ajaccio, a professional football club based in Ajaccio, Corsica. Rich in history and tradition, the jersey symbolizes the unique identity of the club and its unyielding spirit. This article delves into the club’s history, the colours of the kit, historical players and their stadium.

AC Ajaccio – A Brief History

Founded in 1910, Athletic Club Ajaccio is one of the oldest football clubs in France. With their participation in both French football divisions and European competitions, their journey is certainly noteworthy. Despite its humble beginnings, AC Ajaccio has slowly become one of the most respected and recognized clubs in Corsica, if not France.

Throughout its illustrious history, AC Ajaccio has won numerous titles, including two Championnat National titles in 1997-98 and 2001-02, as well as the Championnat de France Amateur in 1959-60. They have also won the Coupe de France, one of the most prestigious domestic cup competitions, in 1933-34 and 1961-62.

From their high-profile European competition appearances to their regular presence in top-flight football, AC Ajaccio has persevered, facing strengths and challenges in equal measure. While achieving true greatness and dominance in French football has remained elusive to the club, their passionate fan base and perseverance have undoubtedly forged a unique identity.

Kit Colours – A Symbol of Passion and Pride

With a kit design and colour scheme that provides the visual representation of AC Ajaccio’s indomitable spirit, the team colours have proven essential to their identity. The Retro Ajaccio Jersey predominantly features a white background, with red and black stripes forming a diagonal band across the chest. The shoulders are black with red stripes on the edges.

The white background represents the sense of purity and simplicity that all football clubs should strive for, whilst the red and black diagonal band symbolise passion, determination, and unity. This unique colour combination, while not as famous as other well-known football jerseys, nevertheless possesses a distinct character.

One aspect of the Retro Ajaccio Jersey that resonates with fans is the inclusion of the team’s emblem on the upper left chest. This emblem, which consists of a stylised version of the Corsican flag, featuring a Moor’s head with a red headband, is a source of great pride for the people of Corsica and represents a strong connection to their homeland.

In terms of kit sponsors, AC Ajaccio’s Retro Jersey has seen numerous changes throughout the years, but new and old fans alike can appreciate the powerful simplicity and sense of tradition that remains in this iconic jersey design.

Stade François Coty – A Fortress in the Heart of Corsica

Nestled within the beautiful backdrop of Ajaccio, Corsica, the Stade François Coty serves as the home ground for AC Ajaccio. This stadium, also referred to as the Stade de Timizzolu, has become synonymous with the club’s culture, determination, and never-ending pursuit of football excellence.

Built in 1969 and renovated in 2003, the Stade François Coty has a capacity of 10,660 spectators, providing an intimate and passionate atmosphere for all those who attend. The passionate fans, known as the “Ours,” or “bears” in English, fervently support their team, creating a formidable atmosphere that often proves daunting for visiting teams.

As the battleground for AC Ajaccio’s exploits, the Stade François Coty plays an essential role in the Retro Ajaccio Jersey story, providing the context and backdrop against which the club’s history has unfolded. This iconic venue embodies the spirit that has allowed the club to punch above their weight, despite the many obstacles they have faced throughout their history.

Historical Players and Legends

The Retro Ajaccio Jersey is also intrinsically linked to the numerous great players who have worn it throughout the years, each of them leaving an indelible mark on the club’s history. Among the numerous legends of AC Ajaccio, there are a few who stand out for their exceptional talent, commitment, and influence on the team:

– Roland Courbis: A commanding central defender who notably served as captain, Courbis was a lynchpin in Ajaccio’s defence in the 1970s. His career also saw him manage the club from 1998 to 2000, leading the team to a Championnat National title.
– Marius Trésor: A powerful centre-back, Trésor began his career at Ajaccio before moving on to Olympique de Marseille and Girondins de Bordeaux. Despite his short tenure, he left an indelible mark on the club, achieving great success in French football and earning 65 international caps for France.
– François M’Pelé: An illustrious forward who played for Ajaccio in the 1960s and 1970s, M’Pelé scored over 100 goals in his Ajaccio career. His talent went on to be recognised with 11 caps for the French national team.
– Ochoa Guillermo: A talented Mexican goalkeeper who spent three seasons at Ajaccio from 2011 to 2014, Guillermo’s impressive shot-stopping abilities and leadership on the field made him a fan favourite.

The numerous legends that have donned the Retro Ajaccio Jersey throughout the years have only added to the legacy of this historical kit. Each player who proudly wears the shirt today is carrying on a rich tradition that spans over a century of Corsican football history.


The Retro Ajaccio Jersey serves as a constant reminder of the club’s rich and illustrious past. From its historical successes to legendary players, the jersey embodies the pride of AC Ajaccio and the unwavering passion of its fan base. By delving into the club’s history, kit colours, stadium, and historical players, we see that this iconic football shirt is far more than just an item of sports apparel – it is a symbol of pride and a representation of a club that continually defies the odds.