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Introduction to Retro France Shirts

French football has always held a special place in the hearts of football enthusiasts, boasting a rich history punctuated with iconic moments and legendary players. The retro shirts worn by French footballers represent a history that is interwoven with iconic moments, brilliant individual performances, and exceptional team spirit. From the blue, white, and red of the French national flag to sleek, minimalist designs, these shirts signify the proud heritage of one of the world’s most successful footballing nations.

France’s Football History

France’s football history dates back to the early 1900s, when the national team participated in their first international match against Belgium in 1904. Since then, French football has reached remarkable heights, highlighted by their triumphs in the 1998 World Cup, the 1984 and 2000 European Championships, as well as the memorable 2018 World Cup win.

Over the years, France has produced numerous world-class players, such as Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini, Thierry Henry, and Antoine Griezmann. These players have immortalized their legacies not only through their on-field performances but also through the classic kits they donned over the years. The retro France shirts embody the country’s remarkable football journey – comprising its challenges and triumphs, as well as the personalities that shaped these moments.

Retro France Shirt Designs and Colours

Throughout their history, Les Bleus have donned a variety of classic shirt designs – primarily revolving around the traditional blue, white, and red of the French flag. The blue shirt with white and red accents features prominently as the home shirt for the French national team.

One standout design is the 1982 France home kit. This shirt, adorned with horizontal red and white stripes across the chest, was worn during the unforgettable semi-final between France and West Germany in the 1982 World Cup – a match that remains one of the most dramatic in football history. The French team, starring Michel Platini, fell to West Germany in a thrillingly close and emotionally charged encounter.

Another iconic retro shirt is the 1998 France home kit, which features a sleek and simple design. The red and white stripes on the collar and sleeves add a subtle touch to the predominantly blue jersey. The 1998 World Cup marked a defining moment in French football history, with the national team emerging as world champions for the first time. Their victory was powered by footballing legends like Zinedine Zidane and Didier Deschamps, who inspired a nation’s pride and passion. Today, this shirt serves as a poignant reminder of that victorious campaign.

The designs continue evolving into the new millennium, offering a fresh look for the fans. The 2006 France home kit, which made use of a greater balance between the colours of the French flag, exemplifies this shift. This shirt was worn by the likes of Thierry Henry, Franck Ribéry, and Zinedine Zidane during their commendable run to the 2006 World Cup final. Although they fell at the final hurdle, the kit serves as a reminder of the exuberant mix of youth and experience that characterised that particular French side.

France’s Stadiums and Fans

The French national team has played in various iconic and historic stadiums throughout their storied history. The most famous of these is the Stade de France, situated in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis. Opened in 1998 and boasting a capacity of over 80,000, the Stade de France holds a special place in French hearts as the home of their triumphant 1998 World Cup campaign and their run to the final of the 2016 European Championships.

French fans, known for their boisterous support and unwavering loyalty, paint their stadium blue, white, and red as they proudly don their retro France shirts. Their pride in their national team is reinforced by the knowledge that they are continuing a tradition that has been celebrated for over a century.

Historical Players

As home to some of football’s most iconic and talented players, it is no surprise that French football history is peppered with legendary figures. Michel Platini, one of the greatest playmakers and goalscoring midfielders in history, captained France to their first major international trophy at the 1984 European Championships. Platini’s imprint on French football history renders him an essential figure in any discussion of retro France shirts.

Zinedine Zidane, another French football icon, will forever be immortalised in the memories of fans who witnessed the 1998 World Cup – a tournament where he starred in almost every facet. The image of Zidane rising above all to score two towering headers in the final against Brazil, while wearing the classic blue shirt, is truly unforgettable.

Finally, Thierry Henry remains a symbol of French football prowess in the new millennium. His goalscoring exploits and finesse as a forward helped carry France to the 2006 World Cup final, where they narrowly missed out on the trophy. Henry’s name will forever be etched onto the tapestry of French football history, and his influence on a generation of fans is undeniable.


Retro France shirts not only symbolise a proud footballing tradition; they also remind us of the iconic moments and legendary players that French football has produced. From the bold designs of the 1980s to the sleeker look of the 2000s, these shirts serve as a testament to the rich history of French football, which continues to inspire future generations of both players and fans.