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The Rich History of Brentford Football Club

Brentford Football Club, fondly known as “The Bees”, has an illustrious history that stretches back to its founding in 1889. The club was formed as a merger between Brentford Rowing Club and a local football team, helping the club to establish a loyal fan base from the very beginning. Brentford FC has spent the majority of its existence in the lower divisions of English football but has also seen moments of success, including competing in the top flight in the 1930s and achieving promotion to the English Championship in the 2014-15 season.

Throughout its 130-year history, Brentford has made its home in the borough of Hounslow, West London. Initially, they played at various grounds until eventually settling at Griffin Park in 1904, a stadium that would remain their home until 2020. Griffin Park was cherished by fans for its classic design and unique character, but the club sought a more modern facility to match its growing aspirations. As a result, Brentford moved into the new Brentford Community Stadium in 2020, boasting a capacity of 17,250.

The team’s history is embodied in its iconic kits, with the Retro Brentford jersey being no exception. Traditional red and white striped shirts, black shorts, and red socks characterize the club’s distinctive image, which has evolved considerably over the years. Each retro Brentford FC kit offers a fascinating glimpse into the club’s past and serves as a symbol of the shared history amongst generations of supporters.

The Evolution of the Brentford FC Kit

The Retro Brentford jersey’s design and colors reflect the team’s rich history, showcasing the passion and pride shared by fans and players alike. The team began wearing red and white striped shirts in the 1903-1904 season, a motif that would later become synonymous with Brentford FC. However, the club initially donned an all-red kit with a blue sash, clashing with the colors of London rivals QPR in their early years.

It was not until the 1926-27 season that the definitive red and white stripes became a permanent fixture of the Brentford FC jersey. The classic home kit template remained mostly consistent for much of the 20th century, with the team occasionally experimenting with thinner stripes or halved designs. Manufacturers such as Umbro, Adidas, and Puma have all played a role in the shirt’s development, but it is the simplicity of the red and white stripes that has stood the test of time.

Away kits have provided the opportunity for more adventurous designs, with the club often opting for green, yellow, or even black and gold kits throughout the years. Recently, the introduction of a third kit has allowed the team to showcase an eye-catching grayscale design, which stands out from the rest.

Fans of the club treasure each incarnation of the Retro Brentford jersey as a cherished emblem of the team’s past – a tribute to generations of triumphs, heartbreaks, and camaraderie that echoes through the club’s storied history.

The Historical Players of Brentford FC

Just as the Retro Brentford jersey represents the club’s rich history, so too do the legendary players that have inspired generations of fans. Here are just a few of Brentford’s most iconic forebears, all of whom have perennially donned the famous red and white striped kit in battle on the pitch.

Jim Towers (1951 – 1961): Known as the club’s all-time leading goal scorer, Towers netted a staggering 153 league goals during his time at Brentford. This record remains unbroken to this day, and his contributions on the field continue to be celebrated by fans.

Ken Coote (1949 – 1964): One of the most loyal servants in the club’s history, Coote made 559 appearances in a Brentford shirt, making him the club’s record appearance holder. A one-club man, Coote provided stability and consistency to Brentford throughout the 1950s and early 1960s.

Stan Bowles (1981 – 1984): While Bowles’ career peaked at QPR, a bitter local rival, his stint at Brentford earned him considerable respect for his immense footballing talent. Brimming with natural ability, Bowles’ sublime skills and flair captivated supporters who have never forgotten his commitment to the club.

Today, Brentford Football Club continues its remarkable journey, driven by a new generation of talent, ambition, and an unwavering commitment to its fans and community. The enduring legacy of the Retro Brentford jersey remains inextricably linked with the team’s storied past, serving as a reminder of the club’s rich history and the pride of being a Brentford supporter.