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Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace Football Club

Crystal Palace Football Club, commonly referred to as simply Crystal Palace or the Eagles, is a professional football club located in South London. Founded in 1905 by workers from The Crystal Palace, the club is proud of its working-class roots and has maintained strong connections with the local community over the years.

Crystal Palace’s home matches are hosted at Selhurst Park, situated in the suburb of South Norwood. Since its opening in 1924, Selhurst Park has been the heart and home of the Crystal Palace Football Club, with a current capacity of 25,486 passionate supporters, creating an electrifying atmosphere on match days.

Throughout its long and storied history, Crystal Palace has been a breeding ground for fantastic players and has experienced its share of ups and downs. Despite this, the club boasts a fiercely loyal fan base who can often be seen donning the iconic retro Crystal Palace jersey, a symbol of their unyielding support.

Vibrant Kit Colours rooted in Club’s History

From its inception, the Crystal Palace jersey has stood out from the crowd, with its bold and vibrant colours. The original kit of the newly formed club featured the claret and blue colours of Aston Villa, the reigning English champions at the time.

While the colours may be familiar to many football fans, the vertical stripes make the retro Crystal Palace jersey unique. Its distinctive design can be traced back to the famous Crystal Palace building, the architectural marvel that impressed visitors in the Victorian era. The club adopted the vertical stripes to pay homage to the building’s intricate ironwork, symbolizing the team’s deep roots in London’s history.

In 1973, the club adopted a fresh colour palette, introducing the eye-catching red and blue stripes that have become synonymous with the Eagles’ identity. The design was influenced by Malcolm Allison, a pivotal figure in the club’s history, who transformed the team both on and off the pitch. He believed that the new colours would make the team more distinctive and instil a sense of pride and ambition in the players.

Since then, the red and blue stripes have adorned the Crystal Palace jersey, accompanied by a sleek and predominantly white away kit, to create one of English football’s most memorable outfits. The retro Crystal Palace jersey remains a fan favourite and is a cherished part of the club’s storied history.

Selhurst Park: The Eagles’ Nest

For nearly a century, Selhurst Park has been the proud home of the Crystal Palace Football Club. Located in the heart of South Norwood, the stadium has maintained its unique character and charm over the years.

Opened in 1924, Selhurst Park has hosted some of English football’s most significant moments, with the club enjoying various periods of success. One such occasion was the famous 1979 match against Burnley, where the Eagles secured promotion to the English top flight for the first time in their history.

Selhurst Park has also played a crucial role in developing the passionate atmosphere for which Crystal Palace is known. The stadium’s renowned ‘Holmesdale Fanatics’ supporters’ group, situated in the Holmsdale Road Stand, pumps energy and excitement into the ground, creating an iconic matchday atmosphere recognised across English football. The retro Crystal Palace jersey can often be seen throughout the stadium, a testament to the unwavering loyalty of the fans.

Historical Players Who Donned the Retro Crystal Palace Jersey

Over the years, the retro Crystal Palace jersey has been worn by a wealth of remarkable players who have left their mark on the club’s history. One such player is right-winger Vince Hilaire. Hilaire joined the club in 1977 and made over 250 appearances, establishing himself as one of the most exciting attacking talents in English football at the time.

Perhaps the most iconic figure in Palace’s history is Ian Wright. The dynamic striker signed with Crystal Palace in 1985 and went on to score 117 goals in just 277 appearances, making him the Eagles’ all-time top goal scorer. Wright’s incredible talent and flair played a significant role in elevating Crystal Palace’s status and visibility in English football during the 1980s and 90s.

Another influential player in Crystal Palace’s history is their captain of the mid-1990s, Andy Roberts. As a midfielder, Roberts displayed immense dedication and leadership, guiding the Eagles through one of their most turbulent periods. Roberts continues to be remembered and admired by Crystal Palace fans, who recall him as a commanding presence and a true embodiment of the club’s fighting spirit.

Today, the retro Crystal Palace jersey serves as a reminder of the club’s deep-rooted history, both on and off the pitch. As we look back on the many players and moments that have made Crystal Palace the beloved club it is today, the storied jersey continues to evoke memories, passion, and pride in the hearts of fans everywhere.